1920s Fashion Lessons from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

One of my favorite dramas at the moment is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – if you aren’t already a fan then here’s a quick introduction to the series.

Phyrne (pronounced Fry-on-ee) Fisher is a glamorous, independent female private detective, who assists the lovable Detective Inspector Jack Robinson on investigations around 1920s Australia, despite his reluctance. She always looks amazing, has a rapier sharp wit, and sashays around Melbourne equally at home in Jazz clubs as she is perching on Robinson’s desk! Her adventures are as fabulous as her wardrobe, which leads us neatly onto her style.

Here are some of my favorite of her looks, with tips on stealing some of her fabulous flapper fashions!

The Oriental Influence:

Oriental designs were incredibly popular during the 1920s, from embroidered kimono-style dressing gowns, to turbans and richly embellished exotic fabrics.

The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

Above: Miss Fisher entertaining company in her Chinese embroidered robe, and below a genuine 1920s vintage silk dressing gown with oriental design.


Below: Antique Chinese embroidered coat from the 1920s

Below: 1920s silk embroidered robe

Genuine 1920s vintage kimono-style coat

The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

Above: Miss Fisher in an amazing gold embroidered coat and headband. Below: Designer vintage evening coat in gold and copper brocade and vintage gold metallic turban

Vintage designer evening coat in copper bronze and gold brocade by Fernando Sarmi

Hats and Headwear

To get a great 1920s look you’ll need a sharp and sleek bob, but why not spice things up with a fabulous hat? The cloche was a really popular style in the 1920s, and quite often embellished with feathers, tassels or with a brooch pinned onto it. Although if you go for a gold cloche like the one below it probably doesn’t need any extra embellishment!

The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder MysteriesThe fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

A dark cloche always looks elegant, especially if it has a beautiful Art Deco ornament pinned to it like this one (below)


Vintage 1920s fur felt cloche with Deco ornament
1920s Art Deco metallic cloche hat


Bold and beautiful prints were popular on day dresses during the 1920s, whether geometric or whimsical, patterns were a big trend!

The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

Vintage 1920s pheasants and feathers print day dress


Feathers and Fur

Fur collars and feather stoles were a bit hit in the 1920s, for those who could afford them, and Phyrne of course can afford the very best.

The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

A white fur collar or scarf adds a luxurious edge to any 1920s outfit. This vintage white fox fur scarf (below) would be ideal.

Vintage white fox fur scarf


The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

Alternatively you could opt for a coat with fur collar like Miss Fisher has above. Below: Vintage black coat with white mink collar and cuffs

Vintage black coat with white mink trim

Eveningwear: Chiffon, Metallics and Velvet

For an evening look, you can really have some fun with a 1920s outfit, embellishment was pretty much unlimited! From metallic thread, to beading and rhinestones it adds a real touch of glamour.

The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

Below: Black rhinestone embellished 1920s evening dress.

The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

Below: vintage 1920s silk velvet evening dress with matching jacket.


Vintage 1920s velvet dress and jacket


1920s blue velvet drop-waist gown
Violet and metallic vintage 1920s evening scarf


And to finish off any outfit you need the right shoes, and for the 1920s those were of course Mary Janes! Perfect for dancing the night away in a Jazz club!

Original 1920s vintage Mary Jane shoes


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