Rockabilly Retro: Styling ModCloth’s Fall Essentials

As a vintage blogger, I was delighted to be contacted by ModCloth to design an outfit for Fall. I loved the Rockabilly style of these cute accessories, and especially that swallow-motif cardigan which would look oh-so chic with a pencil skirt and some heels.

ModCloth have a fabulous variety of retro-inspired sweaters and cardigans in store at the moment which are perfect to wear to add some warmth to a pretty vintage dress.

I love the way this cardigan is fitted so you can keep that 50s hourglass shape. If you pair this silhouette with some winged eyeliner and bright red lip you’ll transform your office into the set of Mad Men in no time! Plus, a lovely bright red like this is the perfect color to brighten up your wardrobe for fall when we’ve all started looking a little pale and wintery!

What do you think of this outfit?

Like a Newspaper: Black & White and Red All Over


Black skull cardigan
£37 –

Pin up pencil skirt
£17 –

Cat print shoes
£28 –

Betsey Johnson studded purse
£52 –

Wire twist headband
£9.37 –

Travel umbrella
£11 –

TheBalm lip shine
£9.37 –

Black eye makeup
£4.99 –

3 Ways to Style A Vintage 1960s Dress

What are the rules about wearing vintage?  If you’re new to buying vintage clothing it’s easy to feel that you don’t know HOW to wear that amazing new vintage dress you’ve just bought. Don’t panic though, I’m here to help!

Simply put, there are no rules! You can go for a totally retro look and pair your vintage dress with beautiful original vintage shoes and accessories, or you can mix and match with modern clothes to create any look you like. The important thing about buying a vintage dress is to choose something you love, and something that really suits you, then you can show it off in any way you like!

Here is one of my favourite vintage 1960s dresses in store at the moment – it a bold mod-style polka dot dress by Adele Simpson and it’s a statement piece just by itself. I’ve styled it in 3 completely different ways to show you what I mean: a 60s-inspired outfit keeping the colour pallet very simple, an edgy look with lots of biker leather and (my favorite) a cute and kookie butterfly themed ensemble. I’d love to know which is your and how YOU would wear this dress?


60s Continue reading 3 Ways to Style A Vintage 1960s Dress

10 Vintage Summer Dresses to Keep You Cool This Summer

How on earth do you beat the heat and yet stay stylish this summer? In vintage of course!

I’ve picked my top 10 vintage summer dresses for staying cool this summer, they range from 60s maxi dresses, to cool classic 50s sundresses and original 1940s day dresses. Which is your favorite? I particularly love the orange outfit which I think would look amazing on Lady Edith from Downton Abbey (even though its vintage 1940s rather than 1920s!)

1. Vintage 1960s lemon yellow maxi dress

Vintage Summer Evening Gown Yellow Faille Maxi Small 1960s


2. Original 1940s papaya day dress

Vintage Linen Day Dress 1940s Papaya Colored L'Aiglon 35-25-36

3. Cute red and white gingham pinafore 1940s dress with buttons at the back (take a look here)

Vintage Pinafore Dress Red Gingham Back Button Oh So Cute 1940s 34-26-Free

4. White 1950s day dress with pretty pink embroidery

Vintage Day Dress White  w/Pink Embroidery Bobbie Brooks 1950s 36-26-Free

5. Vintage 1940s green sundress

Vintage Sun Dress Chartreuse Green Cotton Full Skirt/Bolero Jacket 1940s 34-28-Free

6. Vintage 1940s Betty Barclay striped sundress

Vintage Seersucker Dress Striped For Costume Betty Barclay 1940s

7. Genuine 40sprinted sundress

Vintage Cotton Pin Striped Jumper Sundress  Criss-Cross Back 1940s NWOT 32-26-46

8.Pale Pink Floral 50s sundress

Vintage Sundress Pale Pinks Floral Print Spaghetti Straps 1950s Small

9. 1950s peach cotton day dress

Vintage Peach Cotton Day Dress NWOT 1950S 32-26-Free Peggy Paige

10.Beautiful yellow vintage 1950s strappy sundress with embroidered bodice.

Vintage Yellow Cotton Sundress Embroidered Bodice Wendy Woods 1950s 32-24-Free

Pick your favourite vintage dresses from our enormous collection here! Don’t forget to let me know your favourite in the comments below!

Red & Gray 1940s Vintage

1940s outfit

When I started looking for a 1940s dress to build this outfit around this gray wool day dress really stood out for me. It’s the kind of dress you could dress up or down and wear for any occasion.  It’s also got beautiful red buttons so I decided to accessorize with some gorgeous red vintage accessories to make those buttons really pop! The accessories are all 1940s too, but don’t be scared to mix-and-match different decades. Wearing vintage is all about individuality, so just enjoy it!

Clockwise from top:

How to Accessorize a Vintage 1940s Dress

Midcentury Vintage Outfit

Vintage clothing and accessories from the 1940s and 50s is incredibly popular at the moment, ( well has been FOREVER!)  not least because the clothes and accessories from this era were so beautifully stylish.  If you’re only just starting to wear vintage (or even if you’re not) we know it can be tricky to know how to put together a vintage outfit so we thought we’d share our outfit ideas. This is how we would accessorize this gorgeous vintage 1940s dress. How would you wear it?

So embrace your inner lady-ness and get yourself a beautiful mid-century gown and some pretty and glamorous accessories. Both pearls and colourful rhinestones were very popular and really finish an outfit off.

Does the bag HAVE to match? We say ” No!”. It will stand out and shine if it is a contrasting color or style.

A lady never went out with out a little fur stole, or a faux one if you prefer.

Don’t forget to add a pair of little white gloves too!

All these items are genuine vintage and available in our store.  Clockwise from top left: