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Photos: Public Domain
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Check out our selection of true vintage coats that are on sale now and see what your favorite one says about your personality in our article below:

Just wearing a true vintage clothes item, or an entire outfit, says a lot about you as a person. For one thing, it says that you have a unique and classic style. But it also says that you are consciously recycling to do your part for the environment. Which is pretty great if you ask us, but does our favorite vintage coat say more about our personalities? We think so…

The Fur Coat

Genuine Saga Mink Fur Coat
Blackglama Ranch Mink Fur Coat









Elegant lavishness. A woman wearing a fur coat is graceful, demure and polished. Even when worn with a simple T-shirt and jeans, the look is cultured and luxurious.

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Leather and Suede Coats

Black Leather Ladies Coat with White Fox Trim 1960s
Black Suede Jacket 1970s Italian









Mellow rebel. There is hardly a more relaxed and cool vibe than you get from someone wearing leather or suede. It also carries a tinge of carefree rebellion (Think “Rebel Without A Cause”). Women who wear leather and suede are low-key and easy-going with a strong and independent side.

The Wool Coat

Black Textured Wool Swing Coat George Carmel 1950s
Gray Wool with Buttons Promenade 1950s








Sensibly smart. While also having a sophisticated classiness to them, a wool coat is for the practical and they reflect a down-to-earth, intelligent woman.

The Trench Coat

Etienne Aigner Trench Coat 1970s
Jeanne Lanvin Paris Vintage Pheasant Feather Print Trench Coat 1960s-70s









Inquisitive class. Trench coats are enduring, ageless and permanent. No matter what era they are from, or how big the collar is, they never seem dated. A woman who wears this classic coat is understated, chic and has an investigative and curious personality.

So, what do you think? Does your favorite vintage coat match your personality? Of course, there are many different types of coats and an unlimited number of different personality combinations. These are just a few fun ideas. (If you’d like to know more about what your clothes say about you, read this intriguing book, You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You.)

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2018 Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show & Sale — Here We Come!

The two day vintage shopping extravaganza is almost here! The 2018 Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show & Sale is April 6th and 7th and we couldn’t be more excited! They will have over 80 vintage clothing, accessories and antique textile dealers under one roof. That represents over 100 years of style, fashion and design that’s all specially selected, organized and ready for us to shop and shop and shop. It’s truly a unique shopping experience and a fabulous opportunity to add to your unique personal style and stand out from the rest with amazing vintage pieces.

We are especially excited about this show because The Best Vintage Clothing is going to be there! We will be featuring the best of our Marimekko and Vuokko collections both days at the show. Here is a sneak peak of a few of the one-of-a-kind pieces we’ll have at the show:


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Save 10% Off Of Your Purchase At The Best Vintage Clothing Booth

Receive 10% off of your purchase from The Best Vintage Clothing booth if you print out or mention this newsletter.

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See you in Manhattan!


Fall 2017 Fashion Trend Update: Vintage Plaid Is Back!

Well, it’s officially been fall for over a month already and this week it actually feels like it. There’s finally crisp morning air, changing leaves and golden sunsets. And I’m loving it. It’s time to layer up and head outside with a blanket scarf and a statement trench coat. This season’s fashion trends have incorporated several vintage elements that can make any outfit stand out as unique and stylish. The Fall trend we are loving the most right now:

1970s Vintage Plaid



According to the streets of New York City and our favorite online fashion experts at Elle, Harpers Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan, vintage plaid is a huge fashion trend this season. Not lumberjack flannel plaid, or 90’s grunge plaid, but the plaid of the 70’s. Plaid is showing up everywhere in blazers, coats, pants and evening gowns in muted neutrals to bright and colorful plaids. Here are a couple examples of some true 1970s vintage to inspire you:


Vintage 70’s Marimekko Purple And Brown Plaid Maxi Gown


Click photo for more details


Marimekko designs started to gain popularity in the 1960s and by the 1970s they had made fashion history. This bold 70’s vintage brown, purple and white plaid dress captures their unique style. Have an event that you need a one-of-a-kind gown for? Try plaid!

Vintage 70’s Malcolm Starr Black and Silver Plaid Gown

Click photo for more details

This 70’s vintage Malcolm Starr plaid black and silver dress definitely makes a statement and is sure to make anyone’s waist look tiny. I love this 6″ wide black waistband!

Vintage 70’s Marimekko Plaid Jumpsuit


Click photo for more details


This Marimekko Suomi Finland Pant Suit in brown, rust and tan plaid is anything but boring. Vuokko Nurmesniemi was a principal designer for Marimekko, and is known for bold color and shape combinations creating whimsical looks. How fun (and incredibly comfortable) would this be to work into your wardrobe?


Vintage Sybil Connolly Black And White Plaid Coat And Skirt




Sybil Connolly was a fashion icon of the 60’s and 70’s. She was a favorite designer of First Lady Jackie Kennedy  and this wool, black and white plaid suit highlights her amazing style. Don’t you just love these huge pockets and the kick pleat in the skirt?


Click photo for more details on this Vintage Weatherbee Linen Plaid Coat

So, what do you think? Do you like the plaid trend this season? Are you considering giving it a try? Or have you been wearing it already? Leave us a comment to let us know. Thanks!

1970s Oscars Style: Everything You Need To Know To Get The Look

I always look forward to the Oscars, not really to find out who won what, but to greedily drink in the fashions! In recent years we’ve seen 1970s styles sneaking back onto the red carpet, with plunging necklines, bell sleeves, ruffles and maxi dresses starting to make regular appearances (just HOW fabulous Julianne Moore looked in that plunging Tom Ford column dress at the 2015 Baftas? Classic 70s style at it’s best).

For people who don’t want to go down the Kardashian route of flashing as much flesh as possible, the 70s provides some fabulous fashion inspiration. It was a decade which thew off the uniformity of formal wear that we saw on Hollywood stars of the 1950s (the classic cinched waist, past-knee-length gown paired with long gloves as seen on Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn etc). The 70s celebrity embraced a relaxed, more individual look. This was a time when red-carpet events were much rarer than today and celebrity stylists were almost unknown. Celebrities wore whatever they liked, whether it was a maxi dress, a crochet hat, or something they made themselves, and we saw some much-welcome individuality.

Admittedly, not all of these looks were successful, but you could say exactly the same now, and I for one love the 1970s Academy Award photos, with all the bright colors, and a fun causal but glamorous vibe that you rarely see at the Oscars today.

Take a look at our gallery of 70s red carpet style on Pinterest, and you’ll see what I mean. Also I’ve included a few genuine 70s dresses below which encapsulate the award ceremony vibe perfectly from that decade, with their beautiful  billowing fabric by Finish designer Vuokko (one of the principal designers for Marimekko). Which is your favoutie? Personally I adore the sleeves on the dress below.  The design is called “Tyrskyranta”: “tyrsky” is like an old name for storm, or actually the phenomena when water hits the shore or rocks heavily and “ranta” is the shore, and you can totally see how the sleeves evoke this when you move your arms!  Click on the photos below to see more pictures, and you can grab your own slice of amazing 70s glamour!


1970s Oscar style dress by Marimekko designer Vuokko

Stunning Vuokko Circle Cape Gown 1960s Taupe Wool Voile Iconic Design Finland One of a Kind 38 /8

Stunning 1970s Vuokko Suomi Finland Black & Blue Velvet Gown 1930s Style S-L

Stunning Vintage 1970s Vuokko Gown Fuchsia Pink Wool Voile Long Voluminous M

See more of our beautiful designer 1970s gowns here. and don’t forget to comment below and let us know which is your favorite!

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New Price Fun Vintage Dress Black Sheer Full Skirt 1950s Small | Dance Time by Phyllis
New Price Fun Vintage Dress Black Sheer Full Skirt 1950s
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Vintage Abby Fredelle All Crystal Rhinestone Party Dress 1980s
Vintage Womens Foster Grant Cat Eye Sunglass No Prescription Silver Feather and Rhinestone Accents
1950s Vintage Womens Foster Grant Cat Eye Sunglasses
Sweet Vintage Seersucker Day Dress Turquoise Print Medium Early 1940s
Sweet Vintage Seersucker Day Dress Turquoise Print Medium Early 1940s
Rare Vintage Christian Dior Mannequin French Head Bust La Femme Head Art Deco Display
Rare Vintage Christian Dior Mannequin
Stunning Vintage Flapper Evening Gown 1920s Blue Silk Velvet Dress Dropped Waist 38-38-40
Vintage Flapper Evening Gown 1920s

1920s Fashion Lessons from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

One of my favorite dramas at the moment is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – if you aren’t already a fan then here’s a quick introduction to the series.

Phyrne (pronounced Fry-on-ee) Fisher is a glamorous, independent female private detective, who assists the lovable Detective Inspector Jack Robinson on investigations around 1920s Australia, despite his reluctance. She always looks amazing, has a rapier sharp wit, and sashays around Melbourne equally at home in Jazz clubs as she is perching on Robinson’s desk! Her adventures are as fabulous as her wardrobe, which leads us neatly onto her style.

Here are some of my favorite of her looks, with tips on stealing some of her fabulous flapper fashions!

The Oriental Influence:

Oriental designs were incredibly popular during the 1920s, from embroidered kimono-style dressing gowns, to turbans and richly embellished exotic fabrics.

The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

Above: Miss Fisher entertaining company in her Chinese embroidered robe, and below a genuine 1920s vintage silk dressing gown with oriental design.


Below: Antique Chinese embroidered coat from the 1920s

Below: 1920s silk embroidered robe

Genuine 1920s vintage kimono-style coat

The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

Above: Miss Fisher in an amazing gold embroidered coat and headband. Below: Designer vintage evening coat in gold and copper brocade and vintage gold metallic turban

Vintage designer evening coat in copper bronze and gold brocade by Fernando Sarmi

Hats and Headwear

To get a great 1920s look you’ll need a sharp and sleek bob, but why not spice things up with a fabulous hat? The cloche was a really popular style in the 1920s, and quite often embellished with feathers, tassels or with a brooch pinned onto it. Although if you go for a gold cloche like the one below it probably doesn’t need any extra embellishment!

The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder MysteriesThe fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

A dark cloche always looks elegant, especially if it has a beautiful Art Deco ornament pinned to it like this one (below)


Vintage 1920s fur felt cloche with Deco ornament
1920s Art Deco metallic cloche hat


Bold and beautiful prints were popular on day dresses during the 1920s, whether geometric or whimsical, patterns were a big trend!

The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

Vintage 1920s pheasants and feathers print day dress


Feathers and Fur

Fur collars and feather stoles were a bit hit in the 1920s, for those who could afford them, and Phyrne of course can afford the very best.

The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

A white fur collar or scarf adds a luxurious edge to any 1920s outfit. This vintage white fox fur scarf (below) would be ideal.

Vintage white fox fur scarf


The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

Alternatively you could opt for a coat with fur collar like Miss Fisher has above. Below: Vintage black coat with white mink collar and cuffs

Vintage black coat with white mink trim

Eveningwear: Chiffon, Metallics and Velvet

For an evening look, you can really have some fun with a 1920s outfit, embellishment was pretty much unlimited! From metallic thread, to beading and rhinestones it adds a real touch of glamour.

The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

Below: Black rhinestone embellished 1920s evening dress.

The fashions from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

Below: vintage 1920s silk velvet evening dress with matching jacket.


Vintage 1920s velvet dress and jacket


1920s blue velvet drop-waist gown
Violet and metallic vintage 1920s evening scarf


And to finish off any outfit you need the right shoes, and for the 1920s those were of course Mary Janes! Perfect for dancing the night away in a Jazz club!

Original 1920s vintage Mary Jane shoes


Creative Ways to Display Vintage Clothing

Guest post by Ty Schmidt

From dresses and handbags to shoes and jewelry, all things vintage have made a major comeback in the fashion realm. At Modernize, we believe in finding ways to integrate who you are into your home in unique and inspired ways. For lovers of vintage fashion, that means those vintage treasures should definitely not be hidden away in closets. Instead, consider showcasing them in your home by integrating them into the décor.

Here are a few creative ideas we love that you can use to display your favorite vintage pieces:

Shutterly Sensational. If you’re a proud owner of a vintage collection, chances are you already know how to sniff out a good deal at local flea markets and rummage sales. Put that thrifty thinking to work by repurposing an item you find at those types of sales. Old wooden shutters work well because they’re stylish and functional. You can paint them to fit the style of the room, add distressed features, or leave them as-is, but they make an excellent hanging space when mounted sideways on your wall of choice.


Via Amiee Weaver

Shadow boxes. For the more delicate vintage pieces that you’d rather preserve than wear, turn your under-the-bed boxes into works of art. Shadow boxes provide safe storage and the opportunity to dress up your walls with sartorial style. Try framing smaller pieces, such as bathing suits, shoes, baby clothes, or even jewelry. You can personalize with custom or painted frames, or even mount the backside with colorful scrapbooks paper for a bolder look.


Via Eddie Ross

Suit Your Display Needs. If there’s an item that’s easy to get your hands on in the world of antiques, it’s old suitcases. Most of the time, they’re not very expensive, and can be used for a variety of incredibly interesting features to a room, including (but not limited to) displaying some of your prized vintage clothes. This is a great way to tie in other elements, too, like jewelry, shoes or whatever else suits your decorative fancy.


Via One Girl in Pink

Hook Hankering. Décor in a home does not have its place in one or two rooms. It is delicately woven within the entire space of the residence, from room to room. When it comes to opportunities to display vintage specialties, don’t forget otherwise commonly forgotten spaces, like mud rooms or closets, as possible feature points for your favorites. Find some eye-catching hooks with pretty detail, and all eyes will be on your stylish art.


Via Modernize